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Free Yoga During National Yoga Month – Sept. 2010

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National Yoga Month is the perfect time to start your healthy lifestyle and practice yoga. September 1 kicks off National Yoga Month, and the Yoga Month website is distributing coupons for “One Week of Free Yoga” at more than 1,200 studios nationwide. Free Yoga Classes and Event during National Yoga Month 09.2010. Be inspired by TITANS OF YOGA DVDAdministered by the Yoga Health Foundation, the 30-day celebration is designed to motivate people to practice yoga, according to its founder¬† Johannes Fisslinger.

Take advantage of these free yoga classes and events during National Yoga Month September in your community. Search for events near you or check with your local yoga studio. Learn how to get ONE WEEK FREE YOGA in September at a local yoga studio here.¬† A group of studios in Chicago is putting on a free outdoor yoga day that includes lakefront classes, Thai massage and kids’ programs. There is also a music-yoga festival in New Jersey. And certain cities are offering free citywide classes. Go Yoga in Fernandina Beach, Fla. is challenging students to a playful competition by asking, “How has yoga transformed your life?” The winner will receive free yoga for the rest of the year.

National Yoga Month is the perfect time to start your healthy lifestyle and practice yoga. Get One Week Free Yoga at participating yoga studios and attend one of many free yoga classes and events throughout the US.

Choose from any of these options:

Get ONE WEEK FREE YOGA at a participating yoga studios near you.

Attend Free Classes and Events in your community

Join Yoga Month Free Day of Yoga Celebrations


Also part of the September awareness campaign is the release of “Titans of Yoga,” a movie that brings together 25 prominent worldwide yoga and meditation teachers who share their greatest life challenges — from depression to illness to destructive sex, drugs and rock-and-roll lifestyles — and how they transformed them into their greatest life victories. “We want people to experience the benefits of yoga,” he said. “Health comes from the inside out. Yoga not only strengthens every part of the body and increases flexibility; it is also scientifically proven to reduce stress, which is a major cause of illness.” Whether you’re in the mood for a serious sweat session or a mellow meditation, a free month is likely to encourage even the most yoga-challenged individual to give it a try. In addition to free classes, other yoga studios are reaching out to the community with educational events, donation classes for a charity, contests and giveaways.

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